Baby Tell Me Your Fantasies

Woman whispering in his ear

Take some time outside of the bedroom to share fantasies with each other. Start with simple fantasies that can be easily shared and added to your sexual repertoire! Sex outside, in a different part of the house (or someone else’s house) or new positions can be a lot of fun. Surprise each other and plan fantasy dates! If one of you wants role play, then plan for costumes, props or whatever it takes to make it seem real! Just be careful not to scare each other with a robbery or kidnapping!! Throw some hints first or discuss plans.

Once you have played around with basic fantasy play, take it to the next level revealing more intimate and freaky desires. What is so taboo that neither of you have never discussed with anyone? What fetishes do you have? How does she want to be ravaged? What would he like her to do to him when he submits to her? Telling the truth can be hard sometimes, and maybe even scary. But just think of the fun you would have if your fantasies were fulfilled?

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Sex in Nature

Sex in nature

Many people have a nature fantasy. Feeling fresh air and sun on your body is great and provides much needed vitamin D! Sex outside in the rain, in the forest or jungle, in the back yard, in the pool or another outdoor location in the numerous possible places under the sun or moon. Plan ahead so you can find that special place. Try a picnic in the woods with wine and cheese. Don’t forget a thick blanket. Pop up a tent for some backyard camping! Drag out the old cooler filled with beer, sandwiches and fresh fruit you can feed each other. There is no limit to the many places outside you can have sex! Just be careful not to get caught, unless you want to!

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Ass Slappin Good

Spanking time

A little ass slapping can be fun for couples. Ladies, if you want your ass slapped, then tell your man! Give him a good indication of what you like by telling him or even showing him. If you are into some serious spanking, a real conversation must be had so he understands exactly what you want. Try watching a movie together to show him what level of spanking you would like.

Gentlemen, a light pop on the ass can be a tease! Pop her behind softly when she is fully clothed when you are horny, when no one is looking or when you just feel like it! If you think she might be into a little spanking or you are, talk to her about it. Ask her how she would like it if you two were in doggie style and you decided to tap that ass. If you get a good reaction, do it and then talk dirty to her. “Do you like it when Daddy slaps that beautiful round ass of yours?” Or you could just do it lightly on her bare bottom after she is all warmed up and ready for sex. If you dare do it without a discussion, you better be able to read her reaction! Then after sex, tell her you enjoyed slapping her ass or spanking her and see if it is something she would like you to do to her more often!

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Time to Hit the Books

Today’s erotica is not your mother’s or grandmother’s romance novel! If you haven’t picked up on the erotica craze yet, you are truly missing out. There is definitely something for everyone! A number of years ago I signed up to receive email newsletters from an erotica website which allowed customers to purchase inexpensive short stories and download pdfs or ebook reader files. To my amazement there were hundreds! The store rates the books on a heat scale from 1-5 hot peppers (ranging from vanilla love scenes to explicit, graphic sex and language) and lists so many categories it still blows my mind! There are gay male books with hunky sweaty men on the covers. There are books about interracial relationships and rubenesque women. There is even a clean and wholesome category but I wouldn’t know anything about that!

Don’t want to fantasize about humans? No problem. Your sexy hot lover could be from another world and could accommodate human females with two penises. Maybe that is too far out for you so your erotica could involve werewolves or shape shifters! But of course, there is always old fashioned hetero-erotica with bondage, threesomes, anal, horror, steampunk, historical characters and more! And the great part is you get to sample excerpts so you can determine if you are interested. Checkout, visit your local bookstore and see what your local sex shop offers.

Once you choose a few books, read to each other. I promise these fantasy books will get you all hot and bothered and give you some new things to try in the bedroom!

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Know Your Body

Sexy beautiful girl in underclothes

A woman’s body is a work of art. It is important that it is loved and cherished by her owner. No silly, not the that kind of owner. Each woman should get to know every inch of her own body so that she can take care of it. It is sad when I hear women are afraid to touch their vulvas or vaginas. How will they ever know when something is not right if they do not know what right is?

If you have never made friends with your beautiful parts in that nether region, grab a hand mirror and take a moment to explore your treasures! Notice the feel of your skin in different areas. Notice your wonderful juices in and outside of your vagina! It is so amazing how women can become so wet when aroused!  If you want to have a baby one day, knowing the viscosity (thickness) of your cervical fluid will let you know your fertility cycle. Now remember, vulvas come in many different colors ranging from light pink to dark brown. Like a fingerprint each woman’s labia (inner lip) also looks different. Some are smooth while others are wavy like coral. Some are short and others are long like miniature wings! Notice what your vagina feels like. Rumply and wavy? Yup, there is a reason for that. Men were not made to be circumcised (they end up losing about a 3 x 5 piece of skin with thousands of nerve endings decreasing pleasure significantly). So the wavy skin in the vagina holds on the foreskin during intercourse making thrusting more of a sliding action. Isn’t it wonderful how our bodies were made to work together? Well, continue to explore and get to know your yoni. It is a wonderful thing to be a woman.

And please, don’t be afraid to masturbate. Stop with the guilt from childhood! You are a grown-ass woman now. Take your power back and don’t let childhood rules run your adult life! This is important. If you do not understand the kinds of touches that turn you on, how can you guide your lover? When I said know your body, I really meant that! Get to know your erogenous zones: the touches that get you off, the intensity or lightness of touch and even the strokes that feel good. Then share them with your lovers. If you are between lovers right now, take yourself on a date and enjoy some self-love!

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