Great Sex with Erectile Dysfunction

Over 30 million men in the US are dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED) and are unable to sustain an erection to have sex. This could be due to age, prostate cancer, diabetes or other illness, physical damage (e.g. car accident) or even medication which causes ED. But the end result is often the same: a degrading or nonexistent sex life. This does not have to be the case. While it would be great if the medical community addressed this issue, it is unlikely that patients will be offered some type of coaching or counseling to help them maintain or reestablish their sex life.

Even if you cannot have intercourse (penis in vagina sex) there are still many sex acts which you can participate in such as Tantric body and sexual massage, oral sex, manual stimulation, etc. If you have some function, you can work with your lover to receive pleasure based on the abilities you do have.

Communication is very important. Your lover needs to understand how your are feeling, your current abilities and frustration levels and how you envision maintaining a sex life. Set goals together to communicate and to have sex. Plan fun romantic dates that include role play, sexy foods or even sex toys! Read romance or erotic novels together. Erotic novels tend to have more explicit sexual scenes which might be a turn on for both of you. Increase your time spent on foreplay. Make intimacy which includes hugs, kissing, squeezes and maybe even a few light butt slaps a regular part of daily time together. If anything you are reading today is new to you, consider adding them into your bag of tricks! Just click on blog above for many new ideas.

Remember, your lover may be frustrated even it is not outwardly visible. We are sexual beings so it will be up to you to make sure you are not being sexually selfish. Give your lover great oral sex. Learn to use your hands to give your lover orgasms. Know the different g-spot techniques so she can have multiple orgasms. There will be times when you may not “feel like it” or your situation may be such that you do not want sex at all. Still, take care of your lover and express your love through regular intimacy and by gifting a few orgasms.

Would you like help maneuvering through this stressful time? Have you given up on a great sex life but are realizing now it is not too late, your sex life doesn’t have to be over? Dr. Harris offers private coaching by phone and 3-month programs. Persons in relationship with someone who has ED are also encouraged to get help to learn how to provide support and help maintain a great sex life. You can go here to sign up for an appointment: Save Save





Baby Tell Me Your Fantasies

Woman whispering in his ear

Take some time outside of the bedroom to share fantasies with each other. Start with simple fantasies that can be easily shared and added to your sexual repertoire! Sex outside, in a different part of the house (or someone else’s house) or new positions can be a lot of fun. Surprise each other and plan fantasy dates! If one of you wants role play, then plan for costumes, props or whatever it takes to make it seem real! Just be careful not to scare each other with a robbery or kidnapping!! Throw some hints first or discuss plans.

Once you have played around with basic fantasy play, take it to the next level revealing more intimate and freaky desires. What is so taboo that neither of you have never discussed with anyone? What fetishes do you have? How does she want to be ravaged? What would he like her to do to him when he submits to her? Telling the truth can be hard sometimes, and maybe even scary. But just think of the fun you would have if your fantasies were fulfilled?

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Why Women Need a Sexual Voice

Why women need a sexual voice

The term sexual voice has several meanings. Today, I am discussing the sexual, primal sounds women make during sex. It seems no matter where we have sex, we are within an earshot of others including neighbors, family members, children or even the people in the hotel room across from us. As a result, it is rare that women have the opportunity to enjoy sex without holding their voice. A woman’s sexual utterances, screams, moans and grunts represent what is happening to her body. When she holds it back in her throat, she is also holding it back in her pussy! It is like contracting one muscle in your arm or leg and others also contract automatically. Sadly, women are forced to always hold something back which keeps her from knowing her true sexuality. Until she is given the freedom on a regular basis to stop holding in her true nature, she will never know how powerful her orgasms can be.

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Sex in Nature

Sex in nature

Many people have a nature fantasy. Feeling fresh air and sun on your body is great and provides much needed vitamin D! Sex outside in the rain, in the forest or jungle, in the back yard, in the pool or another outdoor location in the numerous possible places under the sun or moon. Plan ahead so you can find that special place. Try a picnic in the woods with wine and cheese. Don’t forget a thick blanket. Pop up a tent for some backyard camping! Drag out the old cooler filled with beer, sandwiches and fresh fruit you can feed each other. There is no limit to the many places outside you can have sex! Just be careful not to get caught, unless you want to!

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The Cunnilingus Connoisseur

The connoisseur

There is nothing like words that are NOT supposed to go together but do.  Today we are discussing the connoisseurs of cunnilingus. Let’s just be honest here. Women love oral sex. I mean really love it especially since so many cannot orgasm during intercourse (penis in vagina sex)! For far to many, it represents the only way their lover can help them to have an orgasm. It feels great to have a wet tongue sliding across the most secret of secrets over and over again. It is an easy way to make most women orgasm rather quickly if you know what you are doing. Ladies love a man who loves oral sex…a connoisseur of sorts I’ll say. Here is what our good friend Webster has to say on the topic of a connoisseur:

con·nois·seur   noun \ˌkä-nə-ˈsər also -ˈsu̇r\

:a person who knows a lot about something : an expert in a particular subject

: expert; especially : one who understands the details, technique, or principles of an art and

: one who enjoys with discrimination and appreciation of subtleties

I couldn’t have defined it better. Now lets combine it with cunnilingus and voila we have something special! A Cunnilingus Connoisseur is a man who enjoys giving his lover pleasure, appreciates her body and her sexuality and has mastered the art of oral sex. He is an unselfish lover who takes his time allowing her anticipation and tension to build…slowly at first. You Cunnilingus Connoisseurs know exactly what I am talking about!

Yes, I know. Cunnilingus does take some oral stamina which of course, develops with practice.  But, I think we all can say it is worth every lick. If you are a Cunnilingus Connoisseur, wear this badge of honor proudly. You are truly appreciated by women across the globe.

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