Our society is plastered with sexual images from the billboards to the internet. Yet the topic of sexual health and intimacy is is met with a hush-hush attitude with undercurrents of fear an shame. I could never understand why.  Sex represents the union of two (or more) people and in some cases spiritual transcendence.  If this is how we procreate and share love, why even in a positive relationship is it still vile, vulgar and so negative? Not one to follow convention, I spent many years researching sex based topics. I was always interested in counseling but my early years took me down another path toward academia.  I earned both an M.Ed and a Ph.D. I fostered my love of learning  and gained experience teaching undergraduate and graduate level college students. I even became a recipient of the State of Ohio Governor’s Educational Leadership Award.

Eventually, I came to my senses.  I just needed a segue. While sharing a recently completed book for college students with a group of friends, one suggested that since I write books,  I write a book for her husband. The others laughed in agreement. Men needed a good sex guide. Women needed more help in getting their husbands to understand their sexuality, need for intimacy and the emotional aspects of a sexual relationship. I had always wanted to be on this path and now the door was beginning to open. A light bulb went off and I saw fireworks in my head!

With a love of teaching and education, I began presenting sex education workshops for adults which focused on commonly misunderstood female sexual needs and sexual response. Wanting to expand my knowledge base and ability to help others, I decided to go to school for hynotherapy. Upon completion of the program  I took advanced level certification and training to work with male and female sexual dysfunction, sexual enhancement and pain management clients. I also became a Reiki practitioner.

Currently, I provide coaching intensives for private clients and and small groups to learn how to engage women, improve their sexual connection and also learn every way to please a woman in bed…or in the kitchen!  I will soon be releasing a book for men to help them to understand what women want and need in a sexual relationship.



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