Become that legend in her mind, the best man she ever had...

VIP 3-Day Weekend Coaching

This Mastermind Weekend for VIP clients is based on my book and The Art of Female Orgasm Workshop. During 3 intensive and fun days, you will learn every possible way to please a women from her emotions to multiple orgasms! Private sessions, bachelor party weekends or small groups. Several location options available. Too busy to travel? Coaching can he held in or near your city! Every woman remembers the best lover she ever had...forever. Make sure that man is you.

8 or 12 week Coaching Programs

Get all of your questions answered and learn to blow her mind in the bedroom ...or the kitchen! Confidential in-person or phone coaching personalized to take your knowledge of female sexuality to a whole new level! Learn what your woman really wants and needs and how to seduce her. Non-clinical and fun approach. Anything goes discussions! Need support between sessions? Packages include additional emails and audios to build your sexual confidence and sexual leadership skills.

Hypno-Coaching & Sex Coaching

For both Singles and Couples: Hypnosis and coaching are excellent tools for enhancing your sex life (erotic hypnosis) and for dealing with sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, female orgasm issues, etc. By joining my coaching program, you will learn numerous techniques for reducing fears, increasing confidence and for providing heightened pleasure to your lover. Dr. Harris takes a non-clinical approach combined with humor allowing you to easily address your concerns, needs and fantasies within your relationships.
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