Time to Hit the Books

Today’s erotica is not your mother’s or grandmother’s romance novel! If you haven’t picked up on the erotica craze yet, you are truly missing out. There is definitely something for everyone! A number of years ago I signed up to receive email newsletters from an erotica website which allowed customers to purchase inexpensive short stories and download pdfs or ebook reader files. To my amazement there were hundreds! The store rates the books on a heat scale from 1-5 hot peppers (ranging from vanilla love scenes to explicit, graphic sex and language) and lists so many categories it still blows my mind! There are gay male books with hunky sweaty men on the covers. There are books about interracial relationships and rubenesque women. There is even a clean and wholesome category but I wouldn’t know anything about that!

Don’t want to fantasize about humans? No problem. Your sexy hot lover could be from another world and could accommodate human females with two penises. Maybe that is too far out for you so your erotica could involve werewolves or shape shifters! But of course, there is always old fashioned hetero-erotica with bondage, threesomes, anal, horror, steampunk, historical characters and more! And the great part is you get to sample excerpts so you can determine if you are interested. Checkout https://www.allromanceebooks.com, visit your local bookstore and see what your local sex shop offers.

Once you choose a few books, read to each other. I promise these fantasy books will get you all hot and bothered and give you some new things to try in the bedroom!

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