Enlightened Relationship Coaching with the Sexual Mastery Mastermind

Have the Relationship You Want & the Sex Life You Deserve

Do you want more pleasure for yourself & your lover?

Does she have low sex drive and rarely wants sex?

Have you been together for years and lost that spark?

Are you frustrated with the poor communication, fights and stress?

Dr. Harris is an adult sex educator, hypnotherapist, enlightened relationship coach and author who will help you to transform your relationship and sex life. Imagine having a vision for your relationship that includes better communication, intimacy, companionship and mind blowing sex! If you are single, you will learn what it takes to choose that special person and how to move forward into an extraordinary enlightened relationship when the time is right.

  • Private confidential coaching based on your individual needs
  • Phone or in-office weekly coaching with email support
  • VIP weekend (you can bring your lover for women’s sex strategies and so you two can practice after each session)
  • Learn New skills and become a Master Lover & Sexual Leader
  • Get more sex because she cannot resist you
  • Understand her mind, body and emotions
  • No topics too risque or too taboo to discuss (“Yes, that too”)
  • Learn ALL the ways to trigger and orgasm and make her come
  • Overcome sexual anxiety and manage or eliminate sexual dysfunction
  • Learn how to free her mind so she can explore her deepest sexual desires and fantasies

What better gift to give a women than to master her body, realize her emotional needs related to sex, understand how she climaxes and know multiple ways to give her the most intense, mind-blowing orgasms she ever had? What better gift to give yourself than the knowledge to become a legend to your lover? Overcome shyness. Increase your confidence. Become very comfortable with male and female anatomy. Isn’t it time to transform your life?

Dr. Harris has designed her coaching to help men take their sex life to a whole new level. Each module is based on the Art of Female Orgasm Workshop and her guide for men Red Hot Playbook: How to Score Big with Your Woman so She Wants More Sex! No holds barred frank discussions on everything from women’s hidden sexual anatomy to sex pillows that can help position her perfectly to receive you! Women are not always easy to understand. If they had a manual, it would be 66,000 pages just like tax law! There is no manual or training when men come of age, but they are expected to know exactly how to please a woman, be a sexual leader and a master lover! That can be a lot of pressure!

Coaching is a great option to give you a sexual edge whether you are in a relationship or not. You can make the shift at any age! These modules are fun, light and nonclinical. But includes multimedia such as props, videos and diagrams depending upon whether we are meeting in-person or on the phone. Sorry, we do not offer live women to practice on! Contact us for a free strategy session and to learn more about our program.

Why Choose Dr. Tracy?

Here are just a few points demonstrating how Dr. Harris takes clients to the next level!

  • Personalized program based on your needs. No cookie-cutter plan that is given to everyone.
  • Hypnosis and Hypno-coaching will help you to end old habits, gain confidence and change your thinking
  • Sexual mastery for men (understanding women’s bodies, sexual techniques (g-spot orgasm, CAT, etc.)
  • Releasing sexual inhibitions and sharing your true self with your lover (I know-it can be scary!)
  • Can teach your lover sexual techniques and how to strengthen the vagina for better sex and stronger orgasms
  • Get help with sexual dysfunction (fears, vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of orgasm, etc.)


How Coaching Works

I offer a 40-minute introductory session so that you can determine if Enlightened Sex & Relationship Coaching would be beneficial to you. It is not a call-in advice line. You will learn more about me and how I help my clients. Then we will discuss a customized plan for your specific needs and my fee.

If we decide to work together, coaching sessions are one hour, conducted by phone or Skype. People often prefer coaching by phone because of the privacy and convenience it affords. I accept individuals or couples, but may need to speak to each person privately during initial sessions.

Coaching sessions are usually once a week.

Between sessions, I will respond to questions via e-mail, depending on my availability to help you through any changes or reaching your goals.

Sessions must be prepaid via PayPal.  My PayPal address is

Forty-eight hours notice is required to reschedule a coaching session (with the exception of medical emergencies).


Call Now to Find out if this Coaching Program is right for you!

Please contact me to arrange a free, 40-minute consultation. There’s no obligation! Get crystal clear about what you want for your life. learn more and get your questions answered about Enlightened Relationship and Sexual Mastery Coaching. Please call me at 216.408.2629 or email

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