Orgasm on Command


The Matrix Trilogy is one of my favorite film series. Do you remember the scene in The Matrix Reloaded (2003) where the Merovingian’s chocolate dessert causes a women in the restaurant to have an orgasm after taking one bite? He proudly proclaimed he wrote the code himself! Well is this possible? No, I do not mean orgasm chocolate cheesecake although that would be wonderful. I mean did you ever wonder if you could cause someone else without even touching them to have an orgasm?

You will be excited to know that hypnosis can become your chocolate dessert! People can be hypnotized to recall the feelings of an orgasm that occurred previously or have one then and there. A woman can also be hypnotized and given a “trigger” (a word that will trigger an orgasm) which may be coupled with some type of gesture or touch such as rubbing a shoulder.

Imagine a man taking his wife on a date to an Italian restaurant. After completing the meal they remain to have another glass of wine and conversation.As she takes a sip of wine, he looks into her eyes and whispers “blue butterflies.” Upon hearing those words she begins to feel a little strange, a little warm. She presses her knees together and the feelings of bliss begin to take hold. She succumbs to the waves of ecstasy unable to continue the conversation…

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  • Suu

    If done peroprly they almost always work, especially if I or most everyone I trained does them. All a person needs to do is relax and follow along. I had a few skeptics in the class, that got cleared up, via phenomena / proofs. ;-D

    September 1, 2015

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