Baby Tell Me Your Fantasies

Woman whispering in his ear

Take some time outside of the bedroom to share fantasies with each other. Start with simple fantasies that can be easily shared and added to your sexual repertoire! Sex outside, in a different part of the house (or someone else’s house) or new positions can be a lot of fun. Surprise each other and plan fantasy dates! If one of you wants role play, then plan for costumes, props or whatever it takes to make it seem real! Just be careful not to scare each other with a robbery or kidnapping!! Throw some hints first or discuss plans.

Once you have played around with basic fantasy play, take it to the next level revealing more intimate and freaky desires. What is so taboo that neither of you have never discussed with anyone? What fetishes do you have? How does she want to be ravaged? What would he like her to do to him when he submits to her? Telling the truth can be hard sometimes, and maybe even scary. But just think of the fun you would have if your fantasies were fulfilled?

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The Rules of Breast Play

Breast play

Women’s breasts are wonderful things. Men love to hold them, kiss them, rub them, lick them and suck them. It is a primal urge that sends men’s eyes on the hunt for beautiful tits. They come in all shapes and sizes and each one is wonderful in its own right. So before attacking any breasts near you, here are a few rules you should follow and a few tips to get you going:

  • Remember breasts can be tender and sensitive. Start off slow and work your way into a more firm kiss, suck or grasp as foreplay continues.
  • Never go right for the nipples. They are very sensitive, so wait till she is all warmed up before getting busy with them.
  • Some women love breast play and others do not care for it so much. Take the time to learn what type of breast play your woman likes. Learn how long she likes you to suck or squeeze before moving to a different technique.
  • Some women love it when men suck hard on their nipples. Notice her cues pushing forward or pulling away or even moaning. Not sure? Just ask “if this is too hard.” She’ll let you know!
  • Be kind and give both breasts their fair share of attention. Some women can even orgasm from nipple stimulation so it is worth your time to be very attentive!
  • Compliment your woman on her breasts often so she will not be self conscious and will let you play with them!
  • Get your tongue to nipple action down pat! Have fun making spirals around her areola (the area around the nipple) or stripes leading up to to her nipple. Circle her nipple with your tongue, dot the tip and work your way back down. There is a lot of fun to be had and you can drive her and yourself crazy!!
  • If it is even slightly cool, cover her up immediately after pulling your mouth away. Wet nipples get cold and you want to warm her up, not cool her down!
  • Enjoy

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Ass Slappin Good

Spanking time

A little ass slapping can be fun for couples. Ladies, if you want your ass slapped, then tell your man! Give him a good indication of what you like by telling him or even showing him. If you are into some serious spanking, a real conversation must be had so he understands exactly what you want. Try watching a movie together to show him what level of spanking you would like.

Gentlemen, a light pop on the ass can be a tease! Pop her behind softly when she is fully clothed when you are horny, when no one is looking or when you just feel like it! If you think she might be into a little spanking or you are, talk to her about it. Ask her how she would like it if you two were in doggie style and you decided to tap that ass. If you get a good reaction, do it and then talk dirty to her. “Do you like it when Daddy slaps that beautiful round ass of yours?” Or you could just do it lightly on her bare bottom after she is all warmed up and ready for sex. If you dare do it without a discussion, you better be able to read her reaction! Then after sex, tell her you enjoyed slapping her ass or spanking her and see if it is something she would like you to do to her more often!

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Food and Sex the Perfect Combination

strawberries and sex

We often think of food and sex in relation to crazy, freaky movies. Remember 9 1/2 weeks? Mickey Rourke feeds Kim Bassinger just about anything he can find in the fridge while her eyes are closed. Then as honey drips down her thighs from her outstretched tongue, the scene goes sexual.  I am sure lots of moviegoers in the late 80’s pulled out the whipped cream when they got home that night!

The food and sex combination is not as taboo as it used to be. Food in the bedroom or sex in the kitchen can be a lot of sexy messiness or clean fun. At the most basic level, you can enjoy your favorite treats just before sex as part of your foreplay time. You can feed each other, enjoy tasteful kisses and sensuously eat a few bites off of your lover’s body. Now, you can take it to the next level by going beyond a snack to using your lover as your plate. Think about your favorites such as sushi, ice cream sundaes, veggies and dip, chocolate and caramel syrups, candy, flavored whip cream (yes it comes in chocolate!), chocolate dipped strawberries or other fruit. The possibilities are endless.

You can use food as a sex toy to awaken the senses and feel new sensations. Blindfolds are great forcing your lover to wait in anticipation while he, she or they focus in on the smells, textures and temperature of the food before tasting. You can lightly caress, tap, smear, rub and tickle! Always start with slow sensual movements. Give your lover time to get turned on by the different feelings and memories the food evokes. Try fruit pops, ice cream or cold foods when it is a hot day. Imagine sliding strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce sprayed with a touch of whipped cream across your lovers torso, chest, neck and lips. See yourself feeding him or her and then using your tongue like a cat to clean up the chocolate dripping and smeared across your lovers body. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? The best part is, you get to have dessert twice!

WARNING: Make sure you are not placing food in the vagina where it could later lead to infection. If your lover is blindfolded, make sure you remove seeds, pits or stems. Let your lover know not to bite down if there are foods that are hard. Test any hot food before giving it to your lover unless of course, you are into that. Finally, make sure your lover is not allergic to any foods you wish to eat off of him or her. There is nothing like a bad reaction to end your sex session really fast!

Sex and Hypnosis?

Sex and hypnosis

Sex and hypnosis are two of my favorite topics especially when combined!!  Many people don’t know how sex and hypnosis can be very closely related. Hypnosis can be used for many forms of sexual dysfunction and also sexual enhancement.

Hypnosis is commonly used to help persons with a variety of problems such as phobias, anxiety, smoking, pain, etc. But did you know that hypnosis can be used for n0norganic sexual problems which are those not stemming from a medical issue. For example, a man dealing with premature ejaculation may have all his plumbing in order but something is going on inside his head to keep him from taking his time during sexual intercourse.  Another example is a woman who finds penetration too painful. Her body is fine, but due to some previous experiences her mind causes her body to act out the fear of that previous experience. Persons with these types of problems who have ruled out any medical causes may visit a hypnotist or hypnotherapist for help. Other uses for hypnosis include erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, impotence, lack of orgasm in females and dyspareunia (pain) in both males and females.

On the other side of the spectrum is sexual enhancement where hypnosis is used to enhance the sexual experience. People who are interested in fantasies and erotica (like the romance novels) may purchase audio CD’s/MP3’s which enhance fantasies. This can also be done in office for a variety of reasons.  Under hypnosis, when a person uses visualization say to prepare for a sports game or competition, they are able to see the scene, hear the sounds and even smell the smells more vividly. Similarly, in a fantasy situation, listening to the scenes as described by the person on the audio (usually with a sexy voice) or in the office can help improve the mental experience. I call it mental porn. I am assuming most people are listening to the audio for solo sex. The interesting thing I found about these audios is that they are made for anyone and everyone whether you are heterosexual, gay, bisexual, etc….just like erotic novels. I am sure you can not only find a story about the type of lover you want but also story lines about any kink or fetishes that you desire.

A third category of hypnosis and sex would be considered more of an enhancement.  As mentioned above some hypnotists will provide an erotic subconscious scenario for the client to engage in, but they can also use this in a hypnosis session as part of therapy. Usually the goal here is not a fantasy per se although a client may be asked to do some visualization. In order to improve future sexual experiences the client will be given suggestions under hypnosis. Because I use hypnosis to help sports clients, I find this to be a good analogy. A goal for a basketball player may be to move faster, improve statistics and increase confidence. Each of these can be easily addressed in a few hypnosis sessions. Similarly, hypnosis and other techniques can be used to boost clients’ sexual confidence, prolong and increase orgasm intensity, gain more control over sexual organs so that sex lasts longer, etc.  Clients coming in to deal with sexual issues may wish to not only work on their problems but to eventually have heightened experiences. Similarly, a client with no history of dysfunction may choose to have several sessions with the only purpose being to improve his or her sex life.

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