5 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

5 ways to spice up your sex life

Ready to add a little light spice to your sex life? Don’t worry. No hard core kink, bondage or taboo topics this time. But get ready they are coming! Right now lets look at 5 fun ways to bust the bedroom boredom blues!

    1. Get out of the bedroom  Try adding some hot spice in the kitchen! Give your lover oral on the counters, sex it up on the kitchen island or eat food off of each others bodies on the table! Don’t forget the living room couch or bending her over your home office desk! Just plan ahead.  Grab towels to fold up when bending her over sharp edges and to protect fabric from the fountains of love juices. Remember not to leave any evidence for the kids!
    2. Light bondage could be fun  Visit your local sex shop for some fur covered handcuffs, satin rope and blindfolds. You can also improvise with scarves, rope, ladies stockings or nighttime eye masks.  Once cuffed or tied and blindfolded, feed your lover desserts, fruit or even a meal. Tickle him or her with a feather or if you both consent, you can try a little butt slapping or flogging! Don’t forget that safe word!
    3. Role play for a hot and sexy night  You both can choose to act out your evening as totally different people. Consider your favorite movie actors, celebrities or TV Personalities.  Adding costumes will take it to a whole new level! Oh yea, remember the wigs and props! Why not choose a fun theme like the wild west, pirates in search of booty or law enforcement officer protecting the family jewels from a thief who just got caught? Take your role play outdoors and be a john looking for a lady of the night. Choose a location such as a bar, club or restaurant for the excursion.  Got a little extra cash? Have her entice you at the hotel bar and then have your way with her in your hotel room. Ladies….don’t forget to get paid for your services!
    4. Play a sex game  There are so many games that will introduce you to new positions and sex acts that may not normally be on the menu. You can purchase them at local sex shops or online. Try doing an internet search so that you can read others’ reviews and comments.
    5. Strip tease and lap dances! I bet you already have a few movies in mind! Put on some tunes. Set out some refreshments and create a club atmosphere. Got a strobe light? She can do a lap dance or a hot burlesque routine wearing some sexy lingerie.  Get him dancing and stripping like Channing Tatum in the movie Magic Mike. Make sure he has on some satin undies so he can really get into his role!

Well, Sweet Cheeks, was it good for you? Want to read more on love and sex? More Please


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