First Thrust

First thrust

A man’s thrust game is important. Sex isn’t about sticking it in and pounding till the cows come home! There are numerous techniques that can be used to stimulate a woman. We will have that discussion in the near future. But for now, I want to discuss the first thrust. Probably no one has ever mentioned it to you, but the first thrust lays the ground work for everything that comes next. During sex, a woman has allowed herself to be in one of the most vulnerable positions that she could ever experience. She is submitting to you and allowing you to enter into her body. Not just her body, but her sacred space (yoni). It can be very emotional. The time just before you penetrate your woman, she (hopefully) is highly aroused and ready to receive you. But she can never really know what is coming until it happens. Will you go fast? Slow? Deep? Shallow? Is she a little more sensitive down there today or wetter than usual? Will the angle and position she is in cause you to go really deep? The anticipation builds… If there are any traces of fear or if she hasn’t had sex in some time, she may unconsciously tighten up a little. If she is relaxed and comfortable, she may open like a flower beckoning you.

As you push your way inside, stretching her walls and pressing into her deep spot, the feeling can be so powerful yet unexplainable. That first thrust is unlike all the others that follow. All she can do is gasp and hold on as you overpower her with your manhood. Next time you make love to your woman honor this brief moment.  Secretly watch and enjoy the face she makes, the sound of her breath or her moan as the two of you become one. Feel the warmth and wetness of her walls as they envelop you. Notice her reaction. Does she relax into it letting you know she is comfortable with your motions? Or is she a bit jumpy or startled as she reawakens her body to sex again -meaning to proceed slowly until her body is once again open to fully receiving you? Read her cues so you will know how to continue-deep thrusting, shallow, slower or faster… Give her what she needs.

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