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When we think of foreplay, what often comes to mind is “getting her ready.”  OK, that is true. Foreplay does prepare a woman’s body for the sexual encounter by increasing her natural lubrication. But what I want to discuss is what it does mentally. Women with wet vaginas can have sex. But that does not mean she is ready.Jumping right into sex too early leads to weaker, shorter orgasms. So it is very important that you do not rush through foreplay. You definitely want her orgasms to be more intense.

Being ready  means she is turned on (horny) and feeling a high level of anticipation, excitement and sexual tension! She should be at the point where sex is almost impossible to resist and she needs it in order to relieve the built up tension. As her lover, make sure you prolong foreplay as long as she needs you to. Start off with a back rub, foot massage  or a body massage to relax her. One of the reasons why women do not have orgasms is that they cannot relax. Avoid sexual areas at first. Allow her to release the stress from work, the kids or her busy day. Then work your way into more sexual touching. Pay attention to her body. Watch what she is doing. Listen to the sounds she is making. Tell her you enjoy hearing these sounds and seeing her turned on. This opens the door for her to be more comfortable so she can open up and let loose. She will signal you, even if it is subtle to move on to more intimate touching and kissing. Oblige her when she is ready.


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  • We’ve been married for 8 years and have in the last month aeehcvid simultaneous a number of times. After 8 years of not. It is a blessing and so special and exciting. Yet, it is also, as you say, just part of the whole journey of discovery. The interesting thing I wanted to note is that it has come during a period of rest from extended family stress. Essentially, since we have finally realized that we don’t have to keep everyone happy. We can decide what is right for our little family. In our case we had to say that we needed a complete break from them. Not easy to do, but so many blessings…this being one of the surprising ones! :o) And we were beginning to think it would never happen for us. God is good!! So, yes, wholeheartedly agree with this post!!

    September 1, 2015

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