The Rules of Breast Play

Breast play

Women’s breasts are wonderful things. Men love to hold them, kiss them, rub them, lick them and suck them. It is a primal urge that sends men’s eyes on the hunt for beautiful tits. They come in all shapes and sizes and each one is wonderful in its own right. So before attacking any breasts near you, here are a few rules you should follow and a few tips to get you going:

  • Remember breasts can be tender and sensitive. Start off slow and work your way into a more firm kiss, suck or grasp as foreplay continues.
  • Never go right for the nipples. They are very sensitive, so wait till she is all warmed up before getting busy with them.
  • Some women love breast play and others do not care for it so much. Take the time to learn what type of breast play your woman likes. Learn how long she likes you to suck or squeeze before moving to a different technique.
  • Some women love it when men suck hard on their nipples. Notice her cues pushing forward or pulling away or even moaning. Not sure? Just ask “if this is too hard.” She’ll let you know!
  • Be kind and give both breasts their fair share of attention. Some women can even orgasm from nipple stimulation so it is worth your time to be very attentive!
  • Compliment your woman on her breasts often so she will not be self conscious and will let you play with them!
  • Get your tongue to nipple action down pat! Have fun making spirals around her areola (the area around the nipple) or stripes leading up to to her nipple. Circle her nipple with your tongue, dot the tip and work your way back down. There is a lot of fun to be had and you can drive her and yourself crazy!!
  • If it is even slightly cool, cover her up immediately after pulling your mouth away. Wet nipples get cold and you want to warm her up, not cool her down!
  • Enjoy

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