The Power of a Hug

Power of a hug

Hugs are a way to share energy, ground ourselves, show love and bond. There are good hugs and bad ones. I recall receiving a hug from a man once who stood eight inches away from me, reached around and patted me on the back! What the hell was that? I had no idea. His hug was  less intimate than a handshake! So awkward (to me) to say the least. It was sad that when everyone in the group was asked to give a hug, this guy wasn’t able to participate.  We were all adults and this was not a Sade Hawkins dance with hovering teachers!  I mean, if you are going to hug someone for any reason, commit to it! I am not saying you have to squeeze the breath out of someone or squish boobs. But do offer up something worth the few seconds you are embracing each other.

I have also received romance novel hugs where the other person held me tightly as if we were lovers separated by the sea for months! Hugs are powerful! Hugs are healing! Sometimes a hug is not just a hug! When a man hugs his lover, this hug represents strength, masculinity, security, love, power, dominance or numerous other characteristics. Women hug to show love, compassion and caring. As an added bonus, frequent, long sensuous hugs among lovers reduces stress and releases oxytocin (the feel-good hormone) and has lasting mental and physical effects.

Take the time to hug your lover and be a good receiver of hugs. it takes two to tango! These hugs may even lead to kissing or other physical intimacy. But do not expect sex every time you hug! It will cause your lover to run from you if he or she is not in the mood! Hug because they make you both feel wonderful and hug more often!

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