Skipping Sex Can Improve Orgasm Intensity

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Skipping sex for a few days (or more) may not sound like fun, but it can make all the difference in the strength and intensity of male and female orgasm. Similar to the slow buildup of lava in a volcano, your body will use this time culminating in a much greater explosion!

Sure, you can spend time cuddling, kissing and even doing a little more hot and heavy petting and grinding. But do not succumb to temptation. Try activities which relieve stress and tension. Exercise does this and raises endorphin levels too. Consider getting back to that craft or hobby. Take your mind off sex for a few days.  Abstinence can be your friend. The same applies if you are running solo. Don’t have a lover right now? Taking a break from frequent masturbation can result in more intense orgasms. This applies to both men and women, but especially women using a battery operated device. The strong vibrations can cause a woman to feel almost numb after a few days of usage so your body needs a break.

Give yourself and your lover (if you have one) several days and then see how sex and orgasm differs. Most likely those days without will make you feel really ready for a release. Sexual tension is greater and men have a change to rebuild their ejaculatory surplus!  But let me share a word of caution. Don’t waste this opportunity by rushing to have have an orgasm because you are both hot and horny. Spend plenty of time on foreplay and don’t rush sex either.


Natural Lube

coconut oil

Many people are eating healthier and want to extend these good choices beyond the kitchen. Today I am going to highlight coconut oil. Right out of the jar organic coconut oil is thick if the temperature is cool and liquid on warm days. Slightly thicker than most purchased silicon or oil based lube, you may find that it lasts longer. In fact you may not even need to reapply. If it is in a thicker state, you will find that it melts immediately upon coming in contact with warm fingers. Coconut oil is a natural product so persons who have reactions to other types of lube may find this to be a great option.

Before using coconut oil make sure no one has any coconut allergies. It is not safe for most condoms as it breaks down the latex. Prices range from around $6 a jar to $15 depending upon the brand and if it is organic. You may find this cheaper than other slippery options from the sex shop.

Other choices for natural lube include g rapeseed oil and also olive oil. But in my research it seems that coconut oi wins out because of its consistency and taste.

Playing with the Senses


Looking for something new and you’re not quite ready for a 50 Shades experience? Why not play with your partner’s senses? Start with a blindfold. Use a scarf, sleep mask or whatever you have on hand to cover each others eyes. Decide who will go first or if you are initiating the experience go for it! Let’s start with sound. Are you going to play soft music or whisper in his or her ear?  Do any of the items you are bringing into the bedroom make any sounds? Then move on to taste. Taste is always a fun so bring some food into the bedroom. Feed your lover chocolate dipped strawberries, French toast with syrup, small pieces of fruit or chocolate. Have your lover guess what he or she is eating. If this is a new relationship make sure you know about any food allergies. You would not want to plan hot sex and end up spending the night in the emergency room!Avoid too much food or food that is to heavy on the stomach if you are going to have sex.

Transitioning into touch, you can use foods that you might want to lick off your partners body such as honey or an organic chocolate sauce. You may also want to have a variety of items on hand that can excite the skin, soothe  it or even tickle. Feathers, ice (if it is hot), etc. You can even buy kits that have several items that are very sensual to the touch.  Remember to start slow and use items that won’t startle your partner… at first. Work your way up to the more intense feelings. Don’t forget to use your hands and body as part of the experience. Add a little massage oil and transition into intimate foreplay or even oral sex. Be aware of your partners feelings, sounds and movement. Notice what he or she likes and dislikes. This can be a lot of fun so don’t forget to laugh!

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